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Photo of Jeff Carr Videographer

Mike Miller, b. 1985,

Based in San Diego, California, USA


Born and raised in the Hudson Valley region of New York state I spent most of my youth exploring and creating. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Television Broadcasting I moved out west to continue my pursuit for adventure. Landing a job shooting and editing travel/lifestyle documentaries afforded me an opportunity to experience a variety of our worlds contrasting cultures over a concentrated period of time. All the while building on my personal growth and professional skill set.

have since spent the last 6 years growing my freelance network with an emphasis on creating beautiful, relevant content for my clients. 

I am grateful for where I have been, where I am and where I will go.



2018, Emmy Award Nominee. ​Sports TV.

Director of Photography


2012, Emmy Award Winner. ​Documentary.

Director of Photography


2012, Emmy Award Winner. ​Documentary.


2012, Telly Award Winner. ​Documentary.

Director of Photography


2011, Emmy Nominee. ​Documentary.

Director of Photography & Editor

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